• Touchless Temperature Screening Full-body temperature check scan and alarm to inform.
  • Facial Recognition Infrared facial recognition with high accuracy rate.
  • Mask Detection Prohibit visitors not wearing or improperly wearing masks.
  • Hand Sanitizing Excellent space where you can install hand sanitizer.
  • Wi-Fi-enabledWireless connectivity allows for real-time data checks and hardware mobility.

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Limit Virus Spread. Maintain a Safe Environment!

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Self-service. Facial recognition even with masks. Touchless hand sanitizer, fast shipping!

Kiosk Features

  • 8.0” IPS all-viewing angle LCD display
  • Industrial-grade appearance, water-proof, dust-proof, stable and reliable
  • Supports 30,000 face database. Facial recognition speed less than 1 second, 0.1% error rate.
  • Accurate facial recognition while wearing masks.
  • Supports optional devices: ID card reader, fingerprint scanner, IC card reader, barcode scanner, etc.

Accurate facial recognition while wearing mask. Suitable for all public places.

Best Uses Cases

There's no limitation to where a Grin solution can be used. You name it, we install it.

Dimension & Language

DIMENSIONS and Languages


  • Kid Stand

    38.38 inches tall with a base of 11.1 inches X 10.29 inches.

  • Adult Stand

    57.28 inches tall with a base of X 12 inches X 10.05 inches.

  • Tablet

    14.1 inches X 5.03 inches.

9 Languages

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • German

Temperature Screening kiosk is available Nationwide! Contact GRIN to place an order.

What Our CLIENTS Say


Chandalar Innovative Learning
Pelham Alabama, Caprice Cameron

Because of all the contact our children and workers make with others outside our businesses, daycares always have been susceptible to the quick spread of viruses and diseases. While we work diligently to combat illness from affecting those in our care, it’s a constant battle that demands time and resources. Grin is a tool we’ve needed for a long time to help us in this fight.


La Concha Hotel and Casino
San Juan Puerto Rico, Hector Collazo

Minimizing customer wait times is challenging enough. Checking visitors’ temperatures and verifying mask use, while important, threatened to cause delays -- until we incorporated Grin’s solution. Its speed and effectiveness help us keep our process running smoothly.


Brighton City Hall
Brighton Alabama, Mayor Eddie Cooper

We could’ve dedicated time and money to have employees physically taking temperatures of everyone entering our building. This enables us to accomplish this new, vital task while keeping those workers where we need them most.

About Us

Grin is a simple, low-cost, kiosk imaging system designed to automate body temperature and mask screening using infrared facial detection technology, capable of screening body temperatures and detecting if an individual is wearing a mask while standing three feet from the screen (safe social distancing) and storage of 30,000-plus temperature screenings in a database, with a 0.1% error rate. Grin facial-detection kiosks automates the temperature screening process at a speed less than one second. Grin kiosks deliver the same performance as an infrared temporal thermometer – but at a safe social distance.

The multi-purpose system can be installed with a hand sanitizer, access management, mask detector, or temperature screening system in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help businesses, institutions and venues reopen a safer environment for their workforce, customers, members and patrons. Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, the system can be up and running in minutes. As a leading supplier of automated kiosk technology to the public sector and hospitality industries, our team boasts more than 100 years of combined experience in the kiosk technology, building thousands of kiosk technology worldwide.

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More than 5,000 units and counting worldwide!

The camera accuracy is 95-99%. To ensure the temperature detecting accuracy, we implemented the "Temperature Compensation" setting within our kiosk.

Grin is designed with 2 different height models;

  • The Kid stand is 38.38 inches tall
  • The Adult stand is 57.28 inches tall

Both Kid and Adult models include an adjustable neck for individuals of different heights.

Yes, Grin questionnaire screening can be offered as a mobile app or as an additional touchscreen kiosk which can be used at an entrance. Additional costs may apply. (Additional information available)

Another option is to implement QR codes for individuals to scan at the kiosk and enter information on mobile phone. Contact us for additional pricing

Grin kiosk reads an individual's forehead. The kiosk requires a user to line their face in the face frame display on screen in order to achieve face recognition and detect forehead temperature.

There are no requirements for calibration during use. All calibration of hardware is completed before deploying. The Grin support team or end-user may modify the temperature compensation feature to improve temperature accuracy when the kiosk is being used in low or high temperature environments. Grin will upgrade the application regularly to ensure software is functioning accordingly in various environments.

We currently have a CE certification.

Grin is NOT FDA certified and is considered a NON-Medical device. However FDA has provided guidance for Grin technology under the Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency Reference This Informative labeling is recommended by the FDA.

A label printer can be added that requires each individual completing the screening process to receive a label sticker confirming if the individual pass or fail the screening process.

Contactless IC card and QR code scanner can also be added. Contact us for additional pricing

The accuracy of a temperature reading can be compromised by excessive body heat from being outdoors or exercising. The Grin should not be displayed below vents or in close proximity to vents. Individuals that have a high body temperature from outdoors may need to cool their body temperature down prior to screening.

Our kiosk allows manually set temperature compensation in case of low or high temperature environment.

The easiest method of integrating Grin temperature kiosks is through a location access management system and requires the door access system to have the ability to accommodate a Wiegand port or Relay port.

  • Using a "Relay Port", Temp kiosk can directly control the door opening based on temperature reading. If temperature reading is abnormal, The Grin system will not allow the door to open. If a temperature reading is normal, the Grin system will allow the door to open.
  • Using a "Wiegand Port" Grin system can NOT directly control the door opening, the locations access management system will control the door opening. In the event an individual’s temperature is above normal, meaning the individual received an alert from the kiosk of a high temperature reading, the system will send a card number to the access management system, so the door will not open. In the event an individual temperature is normal the Grin system will send a card number to the access management system, allowing the door to open.

The Grin system will only send personal Card Numbers to access the system, other information like temperature or attendance record will not be sent to access system, as that information will be maintained in our system.

If client access management system does not contain a Relay or Wiegand Port, a custom software integration will be required. Additional research will be required prior to providing final price quotation. Contact us for additional pricing

High temperature notifications may be received via an alarm at the kiosk and or a backend notification via smart portal or email.

Grin is capable of operating both cloud and local server based on the client’s preference. Most users prefer using a local server version, which is called LAN version.

Yes, Grin "Call Back" software may link to a locations current local server based on preference.

Grin currently offers a 12-month warranty. Extended warranty available

Hand sanitizer dispenser is optional.