Warranty Policy


Warranty and Replacement

Every Grin Temperature kiosk including all components supplied by Grin is warranted for a (1) one-year period (12 months). All warranty repairs will be fulfilled at Grin's factory. Replacement parts or products will be furnished on an exchange basis only, accompanied by a valid PO. Replaced components and/or products are considered property of Grin. Those components or items not returned to Grin will be due and payable against the valid purchase order and invoice.

Warranty Policies are as follows:

Warranty Period

Warranty period covers all Grin-supplied components for (1) one year from date of shipment and provides a standard return-to-factory warranty. Should Grin products fail to perform properly any time within the period, the customer may remove the component based on technician guidance and ship it to Grin’s licensed office address at customer expense. Grin will repair or replace the component and return it to the customer at Grin's expense within 2 working weeks of receipt. The customer is responsible for re-installing the repaired component.

Disclaimers of the warranties

No warranty is expressed or implied for products damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster, or unauthorized modification. All warranties for product, expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a purpose, are limited to one-year duration from date of shipment; no warranties, expressed or implied, will apply after that period. If product does not perform as warranted herein, the owner's sole remedy shall be repair or replacement.

Extended warranty

Grin offers an optional extended warranty/service program prepaid by customer upon order. Please contact our sales person for additional information regarding Extended Warranty.